Optimistic. That would be the word that sums who I am. Throughout my life I feel as if I have had a plentiful amount of adversity. But within these times, I have grown and I feel comfortable with who I am even though sometimes I still am searching . I say optimistic because I always find myself seeing things for the good. No matter the situation, I try to find the good and hold it higher than the bad. Growing up it wasn’t always like this. I grew up part time in the lower class and part time in the upper class. Weekends I spent on my dad’s farm where my non English grandparents staid. And on weekdays I went to school in an overpriced and predominantly white city, Sammamish. But after a while I didn’t let these things define me, I let them encourage me to be the open and honest person I am now.

I chose this picture because it is one that gives me hope. I spent a month in Ghana, West Africa this summer where I went to teach water safety and hygiene in remote villages, as well as build bore holes. This trip gave me hope that the future will hold good things for these people now. That the small gift of water was life changing enough they can pursue things and accomplish goals they never could have imagined before.

I chose this audio because it speaks so much truth. I listened to it on a commercial and although it was for Master Card, it was still a good message that could be applied life Our resilience to society is often tried, but being able to stay true to yourself is important. At the end of the day all we have is ourselves. The definition of resilience is to be able to withstand damage without suffering. And with steady hope we can achieve that.


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