Structure, Agency and The Crisis

Nowadays, environmental crisis is becoming a huge problem for everyone on this planet. In my opinion, I think that the environmental crisis is both a structural and agency problem because both of these types of issues effected environment. First of all, human’s individual behaviors are part of the reasons why environment is getting worse, why there are so many air pollution nowadays. As economy, humans strive to max out their ability to produce, construct, and enhance architecture in many different ways. For example, even though built factories are ¬†necessary inescapable step for human developing and continuing industrialization. As more and more factories are being built, it would start to make more air pollution. Eventually, it will gradually turn air quality getting worse and start becoming a huge problem. In addition, since this is the case, there is a structural issue in present as well. The system sometimes need to be upgraded, a completely new system will make the environmental protection movement much more efficient. Singapore, for example, has a specific rule to regulate not only citizens but also foreign people to behave regard to environment. In terms of agency, I am sure that humans are fully aware of the impact we inflict on nature, yet we keep sacrificing the health of our ecosystem in exchange of profit and monetary gain. In my opinion, I think people need to start to fix these environmental problems as soon as possible.

In order to address these problems, we must first legitimize not to expand and develop our economy in that we can save the ecosystem. We, of course, need to evolve a new technology, but I think this should be ran with environmental concerns together. One way we can do would be issue a strict law qualifies industrial development against harming our ecosystem.

In conclusion,  I think that the environmental crisis is both a structural and agency problem because the issues that from both sides did effect the environment a lot by different movements and specific events. Although there are more and more environmental issues happened in the past several years. However, the situation is still not unchangeable now, that means if people choose to make some change, then the natural disasters happened because of human civilization could still be fixed by issuing a strict law.

This audio is the interview about the question:Do you view the crisis as being primarily a structural problem, stemming from specific features of our social/political/economic system? that Sebastien and I recorded during the class.

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  1. Nice job. I love the image you found because it’s strangely beautiful. This reminds me of a movie that explores the aesthetic qualities of polluted landscapes: Manufactured Landscapes.

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