Structure, Agency, and The Crisis

  1. I honestly believe that the crisis our world is facing is not only agency as many would have us believe but it is also structure.  The reason I will make this argument is because humans do make global warming worse in many ways but the real culprit is what humanity has created, a capitalistic society.  We still do have a huge impact on our environment but there needs to be a couple of institutional changes if we want a greater decrease on our environment impact.  So in conclusion we definitely have an impact on the environment and can do our part to help the environment but we shouldn’t stop there because unless we stop encouraging the destructive behavior that we’ve been encouraging since the turn of the industrial revolution.
  2. The way my answer adjusts the way most people go about solving the issue of global warming.  Most people focus on themselves as individuals and it is true that we do cause part of the issue but if we do good it doesn’t mean everyone else will and factories could go on deceiving the population that certain things are good for the environment when they actually may inflict more damage.  One great example of this is Tesla and many electric cars.  While there may be fewer emissions produced from the vehicle the type of battery produced is very hard/expensive to recycle and creating certain types of batteries are more damaging on the environment then driving a gas powered car.  We need to inform people and change the encouragement to discouragement with the massive industries that produce massive amounts of pollution and pump it into our atmosphere.  They are not necessarily to blame because there are many laws that force companies to do what helps the company out more monetarily because it is assumed it would be in the investors best interests.  That is why not only should we focus on ourselves and how we impact the environment but keep people/companies accountable and maybe even give incentives for more environmentally friendly approaches which we already do to some extent but we should continue this effort.
  3. Even though it can seem very gloomy and dark I also think there is a very positive outlook on this situation because we can still improve.  No we are not yet past the point of no return and we have made efforts as a country to create greener technology which is a vastly growing field especially for the new generations to come.  We seem to be getting more and more information out to the public and it does seem like people are becoming more environmentally conscious which is just further displaying the importance of what we do to the environment.  So I do still feel hopeful because there have been changes and seem to be a huge shift toward environmentally friendly products.  That is why I think we still have a chance and feel encouraged about where we are headed.

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