Structure, Agency and The Crisis

  1. In my opinion, I believe the crisis that we are facing today is to complex to simply put into one category. We are a very intricate society. So naturally, our problems will be just as hard to dissect. It is hard to determine if structure or agency is more prominent without more extensive research. However, if we are purely going off of personal opinion, I am inclined to think it is more agency then structure. Particularly with the massive amounts of C02 that corporations willingly produce. It is very clear to see that C02 has a major effect on the planet. With the vast amount of evidence continuing to be collected about C02, it is very unlikely that corporations are making their decisions about C02 with the planet in mind. Although, that is just one small piece that could explain why we are where we are with the planet today.
  2. Considering how I try to see the problem as a whole and not one specific aspect of the crisis, it is difficult to determine something we can do to help address the crisis. However, something that I can suggest to help the problem as a whole would be to make a conscious effort to be more aware of the problem that we are facing. Every problem that has ever been solved started by being aware of the problem is the first place. If individuals are more open to excepting the idea of global warming, the more subjectable people will be to finding solutions.
  3. Well, there is a lot  of ways humankind can go with this issue. It all depends on if we decide to be more aware of the issue. Which is not always something that people choose to do willingly because we as humans are inclined to not want to see hard things. Especially if they are not right in front of us. The sad reality is that global warming is fairly easy to ignore because the changes that are happening are not drastic, or dramatic. It is not like the movies with big explosions and lots of dispirit situations that clearly need to be addressed right away. On the other hand, I also see the huge improvements that have been made that have led people to become more aware of global warming as an issue. Even in the last ten years the issue of global warming gone from being a minute issue with very little recognition, to one the most recognized and widely talked about issues in politics today. It is things like this that give me hope for the future. Although, I am not holding my breath for mankind to save the planet.

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