No, I Don’t Eat Grass

I see both sides of this crisis. It’s a problem of structure because structure is what our society is built on; in our society, we all have the agency to do things, but we are confined to the limitations provided by the structure.

One example of this is with driving; one may drive exactly the speed limit every time they are on the road, being careful never to speed. They chose to do this because  there are laws in place, and they could be ticketed should they break one of these laws. The consequence of negligence would cause them an inconvenience.

On the flip side, there are laws in place about texting and driving, but that individual may not want to wait to text their friend back. On this side, the inconvenience of delayed communication outweighs the ticket, and other potentially worse outcomes.

Where agency comes into play is how each individual decides to live their life. I personally try to be very conscious of the footprint I am leaving behind. I am vegan, so that reduces my contributions to the crisis. I also can’t remember the last time I bought a plastic bottle of water. I reuse bags in the bulk section of the grocery store, and have literally stuffed my pockets with lemons and limes and walked out of the store with two very full arm-fulls of kale, tofu, and other non-grass vegan items–just so I wouldn’t have to take a disposable bag. I know this sounds like an inconvenience, but I think it helps, even though I am just one tiny human on this massive planet. I would rather do that than contribute one more bag to the landfill. I chose to do all of the things that I do because I would rather look crazy at Whole Foods than contribute to the crisis. It’s rather discouraging every time I remember that I am just me–I know that I may be saving one water bottle from floating in the ocean all the way to Bali, but when I see pictures of mountains of garbage pop up, its crushing.

As much as my agency is to me, I think structure is more important to what is outside of myself. I honestly don’t know where to start with this one. Our own freaking president doesn’t believe in climate change. On a pretty removed level, its almost funny, but on a realistic level, its fucking terrifying.

I think that major changes in the structure need to be made, because there may be some people that are willing to change, there are so many more that just don’t care. There should be policies in place that are taking steps to reduce further damage and protect what we have left, but I can’t help but wonder, am I just being naive?

This gave me a good laugh. 2:10 is when climate change is actually referenced.

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  1. This is outstanding . Your first paragraph is a very concise statement of dynamics of structure and agency. The part where you discuss agency and your own actions is inspiring. It is important that we take steps as individuals to reduce harm even if we recognize that there are larger structures at play in the crisis. Your discussion demonstrates a deep understanding of the dialectical nature of the relation between structure and agency.

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