Structure, Agency, and The Crisis – Blog #2

The environmental crisis is directly affected by humans. The environmental crisis is an agency problem. I believe that the crisis might have some structural impact but it is most agency. The actions of people and societies from more of any historical era, to now all have contributed to the environmental crisis. Whether it was the lack of knowledge of what their actions were doing to the earth, or ignorance in order to satisfy their wants and desires, all had an impact on what is causing our world to surely die.

I think today, we have the power and technology to halt the damage to our Earth, but maybe not completely stop or reverse the damage done already. Personally I think its incredibly frustrating how a majority of the world seems to ignore or even deny that climate change is an immediate crisis, even with the facts right in front of them. It makes me sad to see how much our natural world has been damaged, due to deforestation, ocean acidification, animal extinctions, and the list could go on forever. I’m not entirely sure what structural aspects would tie in with the crisis because most of the damage done to our earth was from the human hand.

Big capitalist economies are so incredibly wasteful of energy and resources. I work at Starbucks and all of our food comes individually wrapped in plastic, which we then take it out of that and put it into a paper bag. Not many things we use are reusable. We go through hundreds of plastic milk cartons, plastic syrup bottles, plastic shakers, etc. every single day in just my store. Now multiply that by the 28,000 stores in the world, and then multiply that by every single corporation and business in the world. And then the process it takes to gather all of the resources. I don’t know what it takes, but I know that we have to completely revolutionize the process in which we use and waste resources. The earth only has so many resources to provide for the earth, and we’re quickly going to run out.

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