Structure vs Agency – Blog #2

    Our earth is in an environmental crisis because the temperature is increasing, the glaciers are melting, and the average sea level is rising. When these situations are happening, we must do something to protect our ecosystem. Otherwise, our next generation won’t obtain the benefits from ecosystems. Take clear water, for example. Because of our population is increasing rapidly and dramatically, there won’t be enough water for everybody by 2050. Things are getting worse, rising temperature could cause more droughts, melting glaciers could cause sea level to rise, air pollution could damage our ozone sphere that directly prevents humans and animals from getting burned by ultraviolet ray.

    Indeed, in my point of view, the crisis is based on fundamental human psychology, which is the agency. To prevent this crisis from happening, we need to think more about how we make the decision on littering based on whether this is the place where we are going to live forever, or we don’t even care about the future of the earth. To clarify this idea, think about when we litter rubbish on the ground or in the sea, the effects of littering are something that we can’t even imagine. For example, if we throw rubbish unconsciously on wherever we want, it prevents soil from draining storm-water that causes flooding. Additionally, the rubbish that we threw in the forest can be a fire hazard. According to a research, after a forest fire happened, there would be more droughted land because the dead roots which left from burned trees would still stay under the ground and prevent new trees to grow. This example tells us the decision of the movement that we are making could destroy our earth, and the reason why we are doing this is we are lacking knowledge about the causes of littering.

There is one way that we can address the crisis which is to let more people get educated about environmental crisis. Without education, many of us wouldn’t know the earth is in danger, and we can do something to save our earth. It is impossible and impractical to move to another planet.

To sum up, my diagnosis gives me a sense of hope. I believe we have the ability to settle the crisis because we still have time to do this and understand the significance of the environmental crisis.



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    1. Thank you BJ, i think education fits in both structure and agency. For agency, if someone is super intelligence, then this person can achieve a successful life no matter where he/she goes. on the other hand, if someone’s parents could provide a good school for their children, then there is no doubt that these children won’t success in the future.

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