Human Ideology; Our Environment’s Demise

Ideology can have a key impact on people’s thoughts and defiles on climate change. For instance, if the political group that you identify with wants to deny all scientific evidence for the world getting warmer or the sea level rising, is much harder to debate using objective facts, when your debate subject is in a feedback loop that verifies all or most of their beliefs. It is my view that if we separate the Ideologies that both sides, then we can use just facts, logic, and data to show that the climate crisis is real attracts us currently. We can see this divide on the right and left, Democrats, seem to just go along with the underestimated predictions that climate scientists realize because they want to get Republicans on board with solving the environmental crisis. Republicans, on the other hand, won’t even take credibility in any climate studies that show a human-induced impact on our planet, unless the report indicates that the climate change we’ve experienced the last couple decades was part of a “natural cycle”. Even if someone the right wants to defend the idea of climate change, they will be chastised for disagreeing with their parties Ideology. We can especially see this issue when it comes to right-wing politicians because they are forced join forces with unstainable corporations so they can keep getting funding, some right-wing people might want to help protect the environment but because there is only one choice for a political party that cares about the environment. If there was an alternative Republican that would stand up to Exxon and the energy conglomerates, there might be a shift because it would allow conservatives to have an internal dialog about whether it’s worth it to pursue environmental sustainability.

I think that the best way to stop this ideological warfare with climate change is to have climate change skeptics meet and go to the place, people, and groups who are most impacted by climate change. Climate change is easy to see when you have affected people explain the impacts they’ve seen in their local communities. We can do this by showing someone who may have not seen any evidence in their own environment, the islands that have been taken over by the ocean as our sea level has been growing over the past several years. We can also convince these people by showing them images of glaciers shrinking over time and photos of our freshwater reservoirs being depleted over time. But in the end convincing people to go against their ideology is one of the most difficult things that we can do, the best way to get these people who fundamentally disagree with the idea of environmental change is to give them access to goods and services that are eco-friendlier, while offering the same or better experience as an environmentally damaging product at a reasonable value.

Another way Ideology impacts us is our advertising media, which promotes unsustainable consumption. This will make people more likely to put self and consumption over the greater good of the planet, this is because we always want more and Ads to make us feel like we aren’t consuming enough. This problem can be addressed by regulating the sustainability of business and communities. If consumers choices become more sustainable, it’ll be easier to reduce our species’ environmental footprint. Bellow is a radio ad for natural gas, which is made using the very unsustainable method of fracking. You will notice how the ad only makes you think about the benefits and how easy natural gas makes your life, even though using it damages our planet.


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