Ideologies of Nature in Popular Culture

In the past, Human once lives on this planet peacefully, along with other creatures. In fact, the world that human are living in is like a circle, everything is part of that circle. Therefore, that’s no doubt that everything happened on this planet supposed to be balance, that’s more like an natural rule of this world. Apparently the more space for cities, factories and buildings less place for forest, rivers and animals, because over all, everything is limit.

The same thing happened on economics. Nowadays, if human want to increase and develop economics, then they have to build factories, which they have to made some negative efforts to the environment, for example, they need to produce Carbon dioxide into the air, it will effort air pollution. In that case, that’s not good for the environment. Do people know that? Apparently that’s not hard for most of them notice that from internet, but have they fixed the problems yet? Maybe not yet. On the other hand, even though people did a lot of protections and plans to fix those issues, however, comparing to the problems we created, that’s not enough.

Since develop economic and continue the industrialization is an indispensable step for human development. Therefore, it seems like an impossible mission for human to decide. What’s the final decision? Rather than saying we made a decision, the better way would be the environment we have been living in has made concessions. Instead of identify that result is inescapable, it’s more like an issue produce by the way how we think, it’s human ideology.

Human ideology is extremely powerful sometimes, their movements could be changed easily once their Ideologies have been changed. Therefore, if people could continuing make our ideologies going to a healthy and positive way, then this world will be much different now, in a good way. For example, if everyone in this world understand and truly know the fact that global warming is really close to us, and people need to do something about that since now, then it will produce much less then we already have now. In fact, the total amounts to more than 2.4 million pounds of carbon dioxide released into the air every second, in additional, this huge number will possibly increase a lot more if human still keep produce Carbon dioxide without noticing and emphasis it. Nowadays, social medias are really popular and powerful, if people could spread these kinda ideas and the results we will get if we keep doing that.

There are many environmental crisis are coming to our life soon, everyone should realized that this a serious and international problems. In this case, the biggest problem for us is not anything but focus on change the ideologies of human, that’s the first step for us.

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  1. “Since develop economic and continue the industrialization is an indispensable step for human development.” Is it? And what if these processes destroy the planet? The notion that current forms of development and industrialization are indispensable is ideological.

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