What I chose this for this weeks blog post is the phrase that I hear every once in a while, and that phrase is “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.”

The origin of the phrase isn’t really known.  I have read that this was coined by James Joyce in 1922 in “Ulysses”, and some say that this term was coined by Kunitz & Haycraft’s “British Authors of the 19th Century.   I really am not sure who created the phrase, but I am getting tired of hearing this phrase.  Many on in politics, mainly in the Republican Party LOVE to use this term.  They state that they mean to pull yourself up on your own, get a feeling of accomplishment.  However, I feel that what they say and what they really feel are two completely different things entirely.  I believe that the Republicans and the Rich want people to Believe that they can rise up by working harder to get to the upper level or Upper middle class to Upper class.  By stating to pull yourself up, they are implying that you are to do this all on your own, namely without help or resources from the rich.  The Rich can continue to live a fat cat lifestyle while the poor work that much harder.

What frustrates me about this is that the Rich will not admit to or acknowledge that 98% of people born into a “Class” will stay in that class.  If one is born into say the Working class, only 2% will rise up (on average) to the Middle Class.  By telling the poor that if you just work a little harder, you can make it also reaffirms, in my opinion, the fear that the rich have of the poor.  The rich fear that the poor will rise up and take them down, just like workers have done with Unions.  If the poor rise up, they will be able to take down the rich as there are more of the poor than the rich.  However, if the Rich have a way to keep the poor in line, such as saying “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps”, implying that if they work harder they too can enjoy the good life, the Rich will stay in power and in control of the poor.

The sound I chose for this weeks post was of people screaming because that is what I want to do when I think about this.





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