Ideologies of Nature in Popular Culture

The photo I shared was a before and after photo of industrialization. With nature and how the world is already people constantly think of other ways to “improve”. Like in “The first story: Business as Usual” talks about how we have grown and upped our standards. With the little examples said in the text of perfume and more products in skincare routines. Our world has really grown to the point where we see buildings and cars as normal. It is normal to have huge skyscrapers and trucks and cars. It is normal for the use of fossil fuels. We have become so accustomed to this way of life. We feel weird or out of place when we don’t have our cars and phones. We honestly play ourselves with what we are accustomed to. With that in the world we make it so that we become selfish. We get the idea oh climate change and green house gases doesn’t worry me because I won’t be here when it takes effect. Well that sounds more like a capitalistic society. What is in it for me?

There are now man made lakes that are dirty and really bad for our families and kids to play in. The lake by my house Gene Coulon is a man made lake. During the summer the beach area where many kids play is dirty filled with seaweed and debris along with bird and animal feces. The beach has no fresh water flowing and out of it so all the debris just stays put. Over time the seaweed and everything accumulates and they have to clean it up. But even then is it isn’t really clean.

I recorded cars because with how we are today even at night in the summer I constantly hear cars driving past. It drives me crazy at night. Even though my neighborhood is in a more secluded area I still hear cars. One day I will move away from this area maybe to somewhere deep in the woods where there is no noisy cars at night.

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