Ideologies of Nature in Popular Culture

After Straining for some period of time I realized a huge Ideology that affects nature in a negative way is literally media itself and how many of us receive it through magazines.  Sure there are many ways to consume sources of media but what I am going to hone in on is magazines.  Magazines not only push the ideology that paper is cheap and useless but it also pushes for people to make unhealthy lifestyle changes that in return can harm the environment.  How many trees are going to be harmed and processing facilities releasing toxins into our atmosphere just so people can know what the “Kardashian’s New Diet Trend is about”?  Not only does it use up valuable resources but it also pushes many toxic chemicals into our air as a byproduct of the production of magazines that people generally only look at once maybe twice and then toss out.

Another side part of this is there are many underlying Ideologies are within these forms of media.  Many people pay a small amount of money for this magazine because they are making it cheaper by mass production to learn about trends that propagate and push a specific Ideology and many of these Ideologies are very self serving and can in return be harmful to the environment and teach us that the environment does not matter as long as we serve ourselves in the form of entertainment and diets.  Many corporations have stuff to gain from these “Insider Tips” and most of them are trying to sell products or place ads in them for new diet pills and other unnecessary goods to look like another person.  These ads work because people that buy these magazines want to know the trick to losing weight and other fads that will come and go but the environment is something that will be affected not only temporarily but permanently by these lifestyle changes.

Some of the things found in these magazines are special diets where food in your cabinets may go to waste and you may have to buy specific gummies to help hair grow long and beautiful.  While these companies make money, produce pollutive substances not only through magazine endorsements but by the processes some of these products and diets push average consumers to buy them on a semi regular basis to “Improve” natural bodily functions instead of just advocating for a more healthy lifestyle. These are just a couple of the ways social media has perpetuated the ideology that weight loss and beauty has to come from a little pill and in most cases it is virtually useless except in the case of the pollution caused by its manufacturing.  That is where the damage really takes place, not in your hair if you don’t eat a gummy but in the environment when you do eat it.


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