Ideologies of Nature in Popular Culture

After thinking about this topic for a while, I realized what I wanted my post to be about. it is something that everyone in our society has. you have them, I have them. Our society demands that we use them on a daily basis and has been proven numerous times that it is bad for the environment, clothes. Clothes are something that we simply cant live without. I mean imagine it, if someone walked on campus without clothes as if it was normal they would be met with a massive amount of criticism and might even face criminal charges for “human indecency.” Yet it is no secret that the fashion industry is terrible for the environment. It uses massive amounts of natural recourses and gives the ideology that it is okay to do so because we as a society need them to survive.

Now, let me also say that I am not a nudist by any means. I would even go as far to say that I like fashion and have been involved in the promotion of certain clothes by modeling for them. However, If we really think about it. this is a an ideology that is incredibly ingrained in the society that we live in. so much so that most people are unaware of how much pollution the fashion industry produces every year. We see them everyday. on the TV, in magazines and in our daily life. It is so in our face that even the thought of thinking about clothes in this negative light can be incredibly uncomfortable for most people. Even me who is making this point is uncomfortable with the realization. of course, clothes are an essential part of our lives. They in many ways show the rest of the would who we are. The assumptions that you think about a person wearing a suit is vastly different from someone wearing skater clothes and worn out Vans. They let the world know what you are about without saying anything. What you wear (or don’t wear) greatly effects how the world perceives you. It is one of the best ways of self expression. We just can not be blind to the fact that our self expression, comes at a price.


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