Ideology, why though?

I had a tougher time being able to really think of how to apply a “modern manifestation” of an ideology that relates to the environment or hell, even the Earth as a whole. Then it hit me, there really isn’t one unless you really dig which is honestly to put it blunt complete bullshit. We get taught so much useless things in school, we get taught about the evils of communism and nazism for god sakes, which to be fair is completely necessary so we see the evils of the past and can do our best to prevent it from every happening again. But whenever something has the slightest to do with the environment and the current crisis, I always end up in the same train of thought, why is it brushed aside? Why is it so hard for me to really find a good modern take on an ideology that relates to the environment?

Our current dominate ideologies in America are the Republicans and the Democrats. The status quo that is seen nowadays from both of these is just the constant bickering between both parties and the subtle and sometimes not so subtle shots that both of these trains of thoughts throw at each other. We are more concerned nowadays with what our president tweets than providing a tidbit of actual thought provoking ideas to the environmental crisis. And when any light is shed on it, why do I always get the feeling that whatever is said really is as shallow as a kitty pool? These ideologies are more concerned with just saying what is appropriate at the given moment rather than actually following up on it and making things happen, and when something does happen it takes an eternity as we saw this week with the Elwha dam and the century of fighting to finally make something happen.


I guess what I am saying here is that the current ideology as it relates to the environment that I am learning more and more now that I am diving deeper into these subjects is act like you give a fuck but don’t really give a fuck. What a revelation…


Below I put an audio clip of something that I think relates to this and the status quo today.

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