Ideologies of Nature in Popular Culture

Our planet has been very strong and resistant to the large amounts of harm that many of us implicitly have caused since most of the times we don’t have the knowledge to practice our daily activities (like driving, eating and using natural resource) without harming our environment’s health. The development of industries and businesses are becoming noticeable every day; like walking down the streets of Seattle and looking at the massive construction sites in process of deforestation to construct an apartment building. Unfortunately, the U.S like other developed countries maintain a stabilized economy mainly by the features of nature. Throughout the American history, the consumption of animals and crops was rarely an issue to the country, however, nature has been experiencing an abuse from people due to the increase of harmful corporation- like the petroleum industry in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Architectural organizations have an enormous contribution to the climate change effect also because of millions and millions of trees being cut down per year to gain “productive properties.” Very few architects truly admire nature which creates a small improvement on Earth from the ones that construct buildings without chopping a tree while using reusable materials. It’s hard to have an optimistic perspective of the environments wellness for the future but I don’t want to ignore the effort of others in changing the world but mainly to feel the satisfaction of protecting the place we live in.

Protecting landscape, water sources, and animals should be an enjoyable adventure rather than a duty.

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