Nature and the Environment in Pop Culture

I really struggled to find an ideology in pop culture that pertains to environment and nature. The more thought about was confused I was by that fact. Why isn’t there something in pop culture that I can think of that environment? Why aren’t we talking about the environment? I know I am constantly always thinking and discussing the environment, but to find an ideology, would suggest a lot of people are frequently discussing nature, and I don’t think that they really are. I think that this in itself is a problem, the environment and nature tie in to everything that we do, there is no separating these things from any aspect of our lives. We come from nature and everything that we to the fax the environment. I think it is something that should have ideologies that I can name because it is important to talk about. For positive change to happen in the environmental movement it needs traction, and it needs to be a subject that is seen as as pressing as it actually is.

The only thing in pop culture that I can think of that pertains to the environment is the throwaway culture that we live in. We very much so live in a world dominated by fast food, fast fashion, and fast everything else. This means that we are consuming quickly, and in turn either collecting quickly or discarding of quickly. We do not recognize that this way of life is not how it has always been, people used to care about and treasure their items, and mend them when they got damaged. We now live in world where we don’t even recognize how much waste we create. We put food, something that is inherently short lived into plastic bags and packages that are inherently by their design made to last forever. The culture that has allowed us to do that is not something that is positive, and I wish it could change.

For my audio I chose this clip of Julia Roberts narrating a video as nature, because I think that it shows that nature is in everything and that it should be a more prominent thing in our lives, and for my photo I chose an image of a forest because it is immediately what I think of when I think of nature.

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