Ideologies of Nature in Popular Culture

Since the majority of the countries began to have the capitalism, economists came up with the idea absolute advantage, and countries then focus on producing their specialty business and export products which they are not good at producing from all over the world.

Media try to motivate people to buy products to grow the economy, but no one cares about developing the economy can hurt the nature and environment which the origin of our life and the economic development. Historical luxury brands have been stated that their brand’s products are made in France, Italy, or other fashionable countries. On the other hand, we can find that all of their products are actually made in China or other developing countries. Customers believe the product’s value is equal to its price, but their speculation is completely wrong. In fact, the more than half of the value of products comes from advertisement fee to motivate people to buy their products. In addition, it does not only costs a lot but also it hurts the nature and environment. It is because as I mentioned earlier, those companies transfer their products a lot of miles away back and forth many countries. Media make people pursue the status by getting gorgeous products simultaneously making them unaware of pollution and destruction which they are participating in.

As BJ said in our lecture two days ago, unfortunately, the sustainable business is difficult to get the attention from people because that type of business does not develop and make profits as much as the pursuing profits business. In the capitalism, people develop the economy with consuming the nature and environment. We can earn money by destroying nature, on the other hand, it is impossible to restore the nature by paying money. This is the ideology of nature surrounded our popular culture.

This is a sustainable business idea I found recently but also does not get the attention that much.


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