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When thinking about idealogic examples of nature for this week, I couldn’t help but think of the large group of people who believe that global warming is just a million year cycle of the world warming and then cooling once again.  There is such a large amount of people that believe this that it mixes into many community groups in religions and political groups.  There’s no hard evidence proof that this is true, and yet it is so widely accepted that global warming is outside of a human’s impact and unrelated to us.  Our president and leader in place believes in the ideology that global climate change is not happening, and that is the reality that this ideology is a strong one in America.


The example I found in pop culture has been in many cases of advertisements of heavy “Ice Age” like moments where the consumer is “ready” because of the type of car they just purchased.  You have seen it before – the world is cold and there’s a lonely car cruising on ice with ease like it’s no big deal.  When watching these commercials, you automatically associate winter and future together.  This is small action that I believe supports (almost subconsciously) the ideology that humans are unrelated to global warming and that severe winter storm, ice, and snow will prevail in the future.

Global warming wasn’t in my thought process till a couple years ago, and there were so many advertisements like this one that pushed me from thinking that global warming wasn’t actually happening, but instead was a movement to inspire individuals to “upkeep” the earth.


My Audio piece was actually a car commercial, but I felt that you needed to visual aid to see how they incorporated “being in a world of changes and ready for the road ahead” into their message.  So I decided to post the entire video:



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