This blog post is going to just be about this image that i found searching through google. All I did was type forest and hit search and this image came up relatively high in the search results. The fact that you search up forest and get an image of deforestation was kind of shocking when I saw it because it shows how big of a problem deforestation, which has a huge impact on the environment, really is. This relates to ideology because in a way in normalizes deforestation as a fact of society. I am sure that many people would argue that deforestation is necessary for human life. And in a way it is. However, what many people don’t realize is that the extent that deforestation has gone to is really killing the planet. But the reason they don’t realize that is because pictures such as this one are so common nowadays that it just seems normal as if it is a simple fact of life. This also relates to Capitalism and the promotion of it since deforestation is a big factor of Capitalism because it is a natural resource that is used in a big way towards production for profit. The video below is my audio. I chose because I just imagine being in a peaceful environment with birds and animals making noise and then all of a sudden hearing chainsaws and trees falling ruining the peacefulness.


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