Ideologies of Nature in Popular Culture

During the twentieth century, there was a popular slogan “Development is the absolute principle.” It was said by a great Chinese politician Deng Xiao Ping. His words have influenced so many people.

After world of war II, China was in a period of rebuilding its economy. When everyone wondered what to do next, Deng stood out and encouraged people to produce, farm, and trade. Because of his words many people chose to become Civil engineers in order to build more high-quality buildings, satisfy county’s need, and extract nature resources more efficiently. Woman actively joined the process of production. Everyone thought if only our country became more powerful by developing economy, cities, and technology, then we could prevent out enemies from bullying us. Under his leadership, China quickly forgone the pain which came from the war, and China has started to develop significantly.

In my opinion, it functions ideologically in three ways. First of all, his words influenced peoples’ value on many things. For example, people started to get education before find a job, people regarded money as less important than helping other people, people started to understand more about the honors of being a Chinese. Secondly, it changes peoples’ attitude and directs people to the right path which is to produce and trade more often. Lastly, people have believed that without communism there isn’t a new China.

On the other hand, because of the development China is extracting resources too quickly. Mine holes has largely created, trees have greedily sent to the market, and oil extraction has harmfully emitted waste water and gases. We can’t do much about this because it isn’t we lack of knowledge that we should protect our environment or our Earth is in a challenge of global warming. It is the ideological elements have already embedded in the things Chinese do and say.


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