There are many things that humans can do instinctively and many of us do it well.  One of the things many of us do very poorly is monitor our own gratitude for things that happen to us.  We spend most of our time looking at roadblocks and barriers but taking some time for self reflection and being thankful for things that happen to us could help us out immensely and take us out of the “need for more” mindset.

One of the things that I like to do to remind myself to look at the good things that happen to me.  There have been many times that I have felt overwhelmed and stressed and I believe that many of us focus on the negative aspects of our experiences more than the positive.  Periodically if I feel stressed I will try to list out the good aspects of the experience but many times I forget to do that and again go into a cycle of stress and discouragement.  I am religious so many times in the evening if I pray I end up listing the positives and negatives of my day and even without the religious side it ends up helping putting my mind at ease.

In the economy we live in there are many situations where if we don’t “progress” in the way we were told by society we can be left feeling discouraged or disappointed.  We as a society focus so much on how far we can go and how much stuff we can produce that taking time to appreciate what we do have is a thing of the past.  We are living in a society with a “need for more” mindset and this is dangerous because we can lose the gratitude for the things we have and a constant want for better.  When is better going to be enough?  There are many institutional issues that push for an ungratified mindset the reading even shows that even with our innovations we have an overwhelming majority of people with depression because of the consumerism pushed by companies to sell more products.  At a certain point we need to take it into our own hands and take time to appreciate what we have and enjoy it instead of searching for more.  This will be the rise of happiness and an antidote or end of the consumerism mindset we can easily fall victim to in the social institutions we have built.

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