To tell you my story of gratitude I have to take you back about three years ago. To my second doctor visit complaining about my back pain. She felt my spine and gave me a diagnosis. Mild scoliosis. From there I saw 4 more specialists. The first year It did get better with a lot of physical therapy but this year it has gotten worse. New x-rays showed that my curve has progressed. which would explain why I was in more pain now than I was back then.

During the first year I met my boyfriend. He was the one I always complained to about my back. The one that always helped me carry my bag when I was with him. He was always there when I was in pain to comfort me and did anything in his power to make my pain better if not gone.

A week after my 18th birthday I was put in a hard back brace. The most uncomfortable thing in the world. But that wasn’t the thing that worried me the most. I am 18 my bones aren’t still growing like they were 8 years ago. With everything they doubt the brace will straighten my spine out but, I have an appointment again with my neurosurgeon in 6 months to talk about everything. He already previously told me that if it came to surgery he would have to cut a big hole on my back and put rods and bolts in.

With the pain I am really limited on walking and sitting for long periods of time. It really has made me count my blessing. Now I am grateful for every moment I can spend with my friends and family when I am not in pain. I am super grateful for my supportive boyfriend who is always by my side. I really cherish every moment I can spend outside in the sun and walks to the park. Recently I went on my first ever picnic and It was amazing until we had to walk back to the car like 4 parking lots away. I’m just looking forward to living my life and traveling whenever I can.

I picked outdoor sounds because It makes me grateful to hear the beautiful sounds of nature and to be out doors.

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