My life has been full of successful accomplishments that come as small opportunities to achieve my successful career (like the educational program that is funding my college expenses). Gratitude is one of my first feelings whenever a blessing is presented in my life however, I don’t pay close attention to all of them on daily basis. I often practice religious rituals combined with the sense of gratitude because they are useful to deeply reflect in my inner- self. Active Hope claims that we are constantly under emotional pressure because we hold inside many of our thoughts which might be relieved with a gratitude journal that includes some of our positive daily activities. I don’t have experience with these writing but I can relate with some of the negative impacts in my personal life that the book claims. I have a busy schedule because I have to balance between being a college student, part-time worker, and mother throughout the week. I believe the fact that everyone is mainly focused on work and other things that their household or job might be depending on their role makes us forget about the things that others might not have. The growth-centric economy has a similar point of view since the look up to the numbers that represent the activities of big corporations and not the income distribution towards public citizens in the U.S or the well-being of the environment. I hope we can all take some time every day to reflect on our daily lives and focus on the beautiful things we are offered like nature and many other blessings. I posted a video from Denzel Washington which makes us think about the importance of gratitude towards the small things in our life that are not noticeable to us but contribute to keeping us safe and alive.

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