Gratitude to me is a very interesting thing to think about and this spans all the way back to when I was a kid. Growing up in a Hispanic household taught me something very important which I am ironically, grateful for. One of the most important things I have ever been taught throughout my childhood was humility and being humble. I come from a very and I mean very humble family. The thought of being grateful for everything I have and all the opportunities that I have been given I think in a certain sense I truly haven’t been the most grateful for these things.

As I have gotten older the thought of having true gratitude has become quite a bit more clear for me. To this day I don’t think I spend enough time reflecting on gratitude in my life but I am certainly more aware of what it means to truly be grateful for something which I haven’t always had in the past. Before whenever I had gratitude towards something I would always try to think well ok yeah I am appreciative of whatever it is I was thinking of at the moment, but how can I reciprocate or really show the gratitude I felt back? This was the trickiest part and I think the most relatable part as it pertains to the environment and even the economy. I still don’t really know how to show this. I think as a society we don’t really have it engraved in our head to be gratitude with really most things we have or the opportunities we are given. What I mean is specifically for the economy I was always taught to want more, to keep trying to win. To always strive. While this is great advice I think the way it is taught to a lot is dangerous because you lose a very grounded sense of gratitude. I think this is heavily showcased in both the economy and the environment which can work hand in hand because the more and more we try to grow economically wise, the more and more we seem to be damaging and destroying the environment which just leads back to being grateful and having gratitude. The very thing that got us to the dance is now being taken complete advantage of with no discipline and no real responsibility. I guess what I am trying to say is that we as a society now a days don’t have true and real gratitude towards some of the most important and fundamental things, something I am also guilty of but am now more aware and am trying to tame.


Below is a clip from a Ted Talk with Louie Schwartzberg.

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