Thanks…for everything

I don’t spend nearly enough time practicing gratitude. I think my life could be flipped pretty much upside down if I slowed down for a second and thought about how damn good I have it. Like I am pretty much set, and have almost no room to complain about anything. My parents pay for my car and my gas; I have a job because I want one, not because I need it; I’m moving to New York City next year…listing these things out disgusts me. Those three things alone are so much to be grateful for. And that was just three things. On a good day, I’ll tell my mom, “thanks…for everything. I mean that.” I’m a very sincere person, and with that one statement I’m pretty sure the message gets across, because that message hardly ever comes out of my mouth. Which needs to change, I know.

Its so fascinating that something most of us don’t even give second thought to is so powerful—but then isn’t that the case with most things we don’t think about?

We aren’t supposed to be satisfied. In the society that we live in, we are supposed to be motivated to get the next best thing; bigger is better; work hard and you can do anything; have you gotten the new iPhone yet? Not once are we supposed to take time to stop and actually think about what we already have, or how grateful we are for those things. Except for in yoga…but honestly…you’re probably either thinking abut how much this freakin hurts or thinking about how you need to pick up the kids from school in an hour.

All joking aside, this growth-centrism that we are surrounded by creates a negative loop. We work hard to get a paycheck, right? And then what do we do with that paycheck? Well I would save most of it, but I also want to go out and spend some of it. And when I spend it, I don’t think “wow, im so thankful that my boss gives me this opportunity to work, thanks man!” No,

I worked for this money, so I should get to enjoy it. Because I deserve it. And I am 100% positive that I’m not the only one thinking this way, and I am just as sure that there are people out there who are more rooted in this mindset of greed rather than gratitude.

For my audio clip I interviewed my brother on his thoughts on gratitude. I was pleasantly surprised when he started talking about family and his coaches for helping him with swimming, as I completely expected him to start talking about his xbox or something.

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