When I think about my life and how I show gratitude I can attribute a lot of it to my religious back ground. I have learned valuable lessons of the difference between what I want and what I truly need. Growing up I went to a Catholic Church every Sunday and Wednesday. I used to hate it, an hour or two a day where I just sat and listened to someone talk about things which seemed irrelevant at the time, and sometimes it wasn’t even in English. But as I got older I found that these few hours were the most peaceful ones I would have all week. A time for me to reflect on the life I have and how grateful I should be to have it. It became a place where I felt motivated to better myself. I even took it upon myself to spend a month in Africa by myself with our sister church to ground myself and discover true gratitude. While I was there, I faced obstacles I never imagined I would in my lifetime like simply being able to drink water whenever I wanted, or being able eat fresh food. Moments like these are when you have a change of heart and mind and start to look at life and your surroundings differently. Even in the states we have issues that impact the ability to have fresh water everyday or the accessibility to fresh food. I never took those things to heart because I was never burdened by them. But the reality is there are people in Flint Michigan who don’t have accessibility to clean water and more than likely half of us could give a damn because it doesn’t directly impact us.

The truth is we live in a very materialistic world, where in all honesty buying a phone that could pay for a whole family to eat for a month seems to matter more. It is so hard to take a step back sometimes and look at the bigger picture. As a whole we need to focus on being selfless and not selfish. I think that our economy has become so money hungry that it has allowed people to find happiness in material things and lose touch with their gratitude. We can all deny it and say that it doesn’t impact us, but it does and some more than others. The truth is that if we continue on this path we will hurt our planet more. People need to have more gratitude for the natural things around us because one day they won’t be here if we continue down this path. Long stretches of pavement and jagged city lines will be all the future generations know. Not the 5 acre farms with organic plants, plants, and the purest forms of beauty.

The audio I chose for this post is a video for Water Access Now which is a group that I helped when I was in Ghana. We went to a village in the Northern part of Ghana and this is where I spent a week teaching water education to kids and families after their new bore hole was placed.

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