Of course I say things like please and thank you to other people to express gratitude when they do me a favor. However, there are always the simple things that you don’t really think about saying thank you for. One example being simply having a friend. How often do you think about just saying thank you to someone just for being your friend. For me it’s not that often, even though it seems like such a simple thing. I feel like the world would be such a better place, though, if we just did things like that. It always brightens my day when I feel like I’m appreciated so maybe if we just made showing gratitude for the little things more prevalent in our society, everyone would be happier. This plays into the economy too because since everything in Capitalism is basically focused on growth, a lot of people are willing to screw other people over in order to get ahead and grow themselves. But maybe if gratitude became more prevalent in our society, people would realize that it’s not just everyone against everyone else. They might see that they are appreciated by other people and become more selfless themselves. As far as practicing gratitude on my own, I always think of at least 3 things that I’m grateful for right before I go to sleep. This is something I began around 2 years ago and I really feel like when I’ve had a bad day or I’m just not feeling great, it really helps to calm me down and give me a quick reminder that things really aren’t that bad.

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