Personally, I don’t use gratitude to show my appreciation for things in life. The times I express gratitude are mainly during the holidays when I have a reminder about it because I just don’t really think about it. I should be a lot grateful in my life because before my family moved here we have very little in Ukraine. When I was younger I used to always lose my nice cloth and my parents would always tell me that I should be more grateful for things that I have because they didn’t have much when they were my age. I sometimes think about this and try to have more gratitude, but like many other people, I get lost in life and all the things it brings. When I was doing the activity from active hope I realized that I have special experiences in life. I think that our society doesn’t have a lot of gratitude is because of capitalism. There’s always newer and better thing coming out every day and what you have gets out of date and not as important. And we just want those newer and more advanced things and don’t actually recognize how much we really have.


The audio is me telling Robert thank you (I think some water got in my microphone, that’s why it sounds bad)

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