Every time I recall my past, I always feel that I am the lucky one. Even though I knew there still were many unhappy and troubles in my past, however, compared to the success I achieved and pleasure I get, I am the lucky one.

People usually say they could have done better if they knew what will happen in the future and what they will get if they tried harder back then. Nonetheless, there’s no restart in our life, past is past there’s nothing we could do about it. Yes, maybe we could fix the problems made by ourselves, change the results into a good way, but there’s no way for people to restart everything.

My mentor used to say people should be grateful about what they get instead of focus on the things they don’t have or the tragedy already happened. From my point of view, that sounds really true.¬†¬†Human are emotional, every emotion are created by ourselves, it’s more like the reflections about our life. Therefore, I believe that’s possible to feel grateful almost in every day of their life, because if we think harder and deeper, then that’s not hard to make that happen. Of course, it’s only possible but not realistic for everyone, but at least we should have or had the feelings of thankful and appreciated in our life.

Like my mentor mentioned, we should be grateful about what we already have, if we think that way,it’s easy to be happy. Although I failed my exam last time, but at least I can still get chance to learn and improve myself, maybe sometimes I have to face my family and friends’ judgments, but at least I have family and friends. Even though I need to handle everything happened in my life, but at least I do exist in history.

Gratitude could be the most complicated thing to describe, however, Gratitude itself also is the simplest thing as well.

Be Grateful, be thankful! Thank you.

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