Gratitude is always in the back of my mind, but I think I could spend time actively cultivating it. I am constantly reminded how fortunate I am to have people that support me and care about me, a home to live in, a family that I love so much, food to eat and clean water to drink, an education, as well as the ability to doing things I love with people I love. Even the small amount of time I spend each day thinking about what I am grateful for has helped me stay on my feet. There is a lot of negativity going on in my life currently, and in this world. If I didn’t spend time cultivating gratitude, I don’t know where I’d be.

Customs that I have about gratitude include saying please and thank you and telling and showing people how much I appreciate what they are doing. Sometimes when I’m feeling extra down, I try to find a quiet comfy spot to lay or sit down and close my eyes. I clear my head and attempt to think about absolutely nothing; then I might go back and think about the positives in my life and what I’m grateful for.

I think that living in a growth-centric economy emphasizes self-creation. Nobody needs to help anyone, we all must fend for ourselves. I feel there is a very individualistic approach to life in this growth-centric economy. I don’t believe we should all fend for ourselves; we can’t live without the support of other people and the earth so self-creation is not a thing. The more self-centered we are, the less likely we are to practice gratitude. Today our economy works to makes us feel like we need more and we are not good enough through advertisements and other media. This approach has gotten us nowhere, and even made happiness worse for the majority. Spreading gratitude is a great step in improving the lives of ourselves and other people as well as sustaining the planet.

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