Pushing the Status Quo

The primary example of an ideology that comes to mind when I think about our environment, is that it is a zero sum game between humans and our planet. Meaning that in order for humans to enjoy their life it will come at the expense of our ecosystem, and there is simply no way around it. I mean when I think about it pretty much every add I see on television, is either for some new truck (destroying the planet) a vacation in some far away land (destroying the planet) or some burger that a majority of the ingredients of had to have been flown in from across the world ( you guessed it destroying the planet). When all one sees on television or online are these adds for these activities that are detrimental to our planet, even if the advertising agencies aren’t doing this intentionally I think the public will learn that fun comes at the cost of our environment. When in reality this is absolutely not the case, there are plenty of vacation ideas, take going backpacking for example, i mean we are very lucky here in the pacific northwest. I think going on a hike, or camping or something along those lines, not only isn’t bad for our environment but it also gives people the opportunity to see what our planet has to offer. I believe that ¬†if people were to spend more time in nature, they would come to realize how great it is and how huge of a disservice we are doing to our selves and our future generations, we are doing by destroying it. But I mean this is what we will get in a capitalist society, who will be making money off of people going for a hike. The bottom line in our society is not only making money, but making more money than we did last year.

We see a trend of people hating camping or spending time in nature, I know i was definitely a part of this trend for a portion of my life. When I was young i loved spending time in nature, i would go build forts, and just run around with my friends in the ¬†forrest by my house. Then something changed i think it was around the time i got my phone, and become consumed with media and all this man made bullshit. My mom would try and get me to go camping and I always fought it, I would respond with something like “why can’t we go do something fun” obviously referring to some commercial I saw on tv for skydiving or go carting or something. Will you look at that, all these things i viewed as fun as a child contribute to the destruction of our environment. But after going camping a few times, and maybe doing little growing up, I love camping, hiking, or really any way i can escape society and get out in nature. there is something very calming about it, and it has really given me a new found respect for our environment that I didn’t have before.

The Following video is an add from last years super bowl, which is about as close to the epitome of consumerism as you can get. In the ad, which i have to admit is pretty funny, they are trying to sell some new hybrid car which is very environmentally friendly they show nature fighting back which is ridiculous but it really pushes the ideology of the zero sum game.


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