Take a Walk thru the Trees and Honor your Pain

As I walked with my dog Sadie thru the woods of Robinswood park, and as well as a suburban walk I reflected on the pains of the world.

While on both walks, I tried the breathing activity as discussed in the book, reflecting on pain in the world.  My mind immediately imagined the suffering of immigrants fleeing war torn countries and starving children in Africa and the previously mentioned war-torn countries. As I was walking thru the trees of Robinswood park, my mind then pulled in images of deforestation.  Images of the large machines that clutch around a tree, cut it down than then move along the tree slicing off the branches and some bark in one fell swoop.

These images that my mind brought to me, honestly made me feel sad.   But, as the book stated, I do not know what to do about this.  My mind goes to simpler things that are not sad, such as my dog Sadie and how happy she makes me, or her curiosity of the world and her surroundings as we walk.

All the carnage of the world, makes my heart ache.   All the deforestation makes my heart ache.  These multi-billion dollar companies pumping gigatons of toxic fumes into our atmosphere makes my heart ache.  If this all continues, what will we do?  What will this world look like for the next generation, or the generation after that?

I feel lucky that I live in an area of the world that does care about humanity and cares about the environment.  I am grateful that we have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink, but I also start to think of others who do not.   Others that are forced off of their lands on the other side of the planet, so companies can “Off set” their massive amounts of emissions.

My normal response to pain and suffering has always been to think about happier images or things or people that make me happy, as I personally have dealt with more than my fair share of pain and loss.  Now, I am reconsidering that.  I am now reconsidering what I can do to make a difference in the lives of others around the world, as well as what difference I can make to make lives better for future generations.

The video/audio I chose this week is longer than 15-20 seconds.  Its approx. 6 minutes.

But, it is a great video that reflects my feelings of this week’s blog post.


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