The food still tastes good.

week 5

Can someone please explain to me what I’m supposed to get depressed about. I don’t get it. I went into the forest and had a good time. I like trees and flowers, I have no doubts about this. Would it be absolutely catastrophic if it were to all die, sure. But it hasn’t, and until it does I’d rather be trying to save it than mourn losses that honestly seem insignificant compared to what the scientists have told us is to come should we not act. If my house is burning down, I think I’ll call the fire department. I definitely don’t think I’ll be reminiscing about my experiences in the house if the fire has only gotten to the kitchen. If you all are in the state of reminiscing right now in terms of global warming, on some level your’e admitting defeat. This is some seriously backwards thinking. I’d also like to point out that the majority of this chapter is written as a critique of the people as if to give us the advice we need to solve the problem. If Joanna and Chris know the appropriate strategy to solve this mess, I’m appalled that they have not yet decided to solve it. Furthermore, their willingness to critique us without giving us the full tools to attain our freedom is disgusting. But clearly, the authors don’t have tools to solve it. Also, why are there so many academic papers and books that reference Buddhism. Nothing against Buddhism, but why not celebrate Islam, Christianity or Hinduism in an academic context. I don’t see any Buddhist savior freeing us all from poverty and solving the climate crisis. I don’t live in conditions that haven’t been set upon me, not only can I not afford to but I don’t want to. This was honestly so backwards to me that I have a hard time interacting with it.

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