Walking Through Pain

I took my 2 fat bulldogs on a walk through my neighborhood which conveniently has quite a bit of parks and little forests around not too far. Now keeping in mind that taking 2 young dogs on a walk was practically me taking 2 little kids to the park which is just as chaotic as one would imagine especially while trying to read Active Hope and actually taking in what the material was about.

Now the breathing activity for me was very easy to dive into, as growing up I did a lot of running which something that was always engraved into me was the thought of being able to control my breathing and not freaking out especially when I am tired or thinking about things that tend to stress me out. Now this leads into pain and how really for the longest time I tended to really misunderstand or try to suppress whatever inner pain I felt towards anything really. Naturally when I think of the environmental crisis and what exactly is happening and how eye opening this class has been to me, I still tended to suppress the pain I felt towards certain issues such as climate change and the biggest one for me is the destruction of the environment, more specific the forests.

What really affects me the most in terms of internal pain is the destruction of forests, whenever I see this I get an empty feeling which the Active Hope readings has brought to light that this is real pain which I have never realized. I have always maintained the idea that I am just one person and I cannot really make a difference especially when it comes to the crisis, but one thing I have learned recently is the idea of not downplaying the impact one individual can have and can make. So really what this week has taught me so far and has really drilled into my head is that even when the pain is there, face it and I mean really face it as even with the pain I have noticed now that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, hope. I am more hopeful than ever right now and this isn’t limited to just myself personally. So to me to honor my pain is to face the pain and realize it may hurt being physically or internally but there is always more to look forward to. Pain doesn’t control me.


This is audio from a recent sparring session I had at my gym, in which I took a couple hits to the face but it reminds me on a grand scale that it isn’t anything compared to what’s going on around the world. A real punch to the face is happening right now to the Earth.

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