Honoring My Pain

When I went to the park and was reading the fourth chapter of Active Hope it was an eye opener. This whole week was an eye opener. Normally no one wants to feel pain everyone just wants happiness. This weeks chapter talked about how if we don’t take time to think and to question things. We will become blocked or blinded in a way to everything that is happening around us. I completely agree with the authors when they said we tend to dismiss things. I see that today and it has come to my attention much more because of this class. How much our world is becoming so industrialized really scares me. Soon there won’t be any trees left to not only give us shade but to give us fresh air. Growing up I remember my parents buying our house around 2006 right before everyone wanted to buy a house. Our house wasn’t even built yet. There were words and trees as far as we could see. But today my neighborhood is growing and expanding. Left and right new houses popping up before I even knew it. Ten minutes from my house there is a maze of houses. Every house looking almost identical to one another. With a single tree in every yard. That place used to be nothing but forest but now there is a long paved road with lots of houses. We are making huge impacts on our planet. We are cutting down trees when we should be planting more. Before this class I too was blinded by everything. I always wanted materialist things like fast cars big houses and the city life. Now I am questioning that view on life. Instead we should all do everything in our power to get away from that image. We should sway more towards the house with a big lawn and in the woods with fresh air living to wake up in the morning to find a deer just wandering in the lawn. With everything I really stand with the authors when they say others really have an impact on how we think and act. If i never saw happy people in chermercials I would never as a consumer buy someones product. We have gotten to a point I think that we are so much controlled by materialist things that it is making us unhappy. We always want more. We get a brand new car and that happiness only lasts so long before we think about upgrading to a better more expensive one.

I picked this waterfall noise because waterfalls are so beautiful and calming. I really would hate for them to be nonexistent. They are one of the beauties of nature that we are so lucky we get to enjoy.

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