Outside – Jones

I frequently go on walks around Larsen Lake. It’s a short distance from my house, and the trail connects the two lakes: Lake Washington, and Lake Sammamish. There are some docks and benches along the way and sometimes I like to pause there and reflect on whatever is going on in my life. It’s not my focus to appreciate the nature, most of the time its just a pretty background. Being in the present was my goal for this week’s blog assignment and the breathing exercise helped with that quite a bit. This minimized distracting thoughts and allowed me to absorb my current state. I found myself stressed about minor things but when I set these aside I was able to think more coherently on the grand scheme of life.

In life, there’s only a few constants. There’s yourself and the environment you’re in. Friends and family come and go, and they are each their own protagonist in the story of life. It can be hard to find inner comfort when the environment we are in is collapsing as we know it. We fill our lives with distractions and phones to fill up the time we should be spending outdoors, perhaps an escape from reality. I try not to participate in the false world people immerse themselves in. I understand that I am here for a short time, and with the earth I am decaying as years go by. That’s something I would rather accept and embrace than shun and deny its occurrence. I cannot control our economic system or stop the degradation of our biosphere, but I can separate myself from the mainstream and enjoy reality while its still available to me. So I lay in the sun, I get wrinkly and freckle-y. I go on walks, think about relationships and the future. I find peace when I am outside because that’s where I feel a belonging.

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