Dealing with Pain

Many people can agree that we all have different reactions to the variety of stressful obstacles and life experience that cause us pain/ suffering. I deal with pain in a special way, different from others, because I do believe life is short and we have one chance to live life the way it is given to us. I usually take the time analysis why negative and positive experience comes in my life and I realize they help me mature and mentally prepare me for the real world. We all grow up to the ideal age for independency which is 18 but we never know if we are really mature unless we successfully go through the most difficult times with a neutral or positive approach.

The environment is seen in a high level of danger due to a large number of issues that it’s currently facing like climate change. I’m aware of the drastic harm that nature is experiencing and it’s difficult to deal with pain and suffering that is transferred through moral connection from the true victims- animals, landscape, and plants. However, my strong motivation is the outcome of the moments when I have the opportunity to voluntarily participate in activities that benefit our environment like picking trash from beaches or other large mass of water and planting trees. Dealing with pain from knowing that the environment is currently not health can ease through active hope (or reflecting on the issue, find possible solutions, and taking actions). The best way to find tranquillity in disastrous time periods like the one we are currently facing with nature is to admire its beauty, richness, and moral connection that we, as humans, share on Earth. Walking through the fresh breeze of the forest just made me mentally and emotionally stronger with the reflection and memories I shared with the trees as I walked slowly taking small breaths to take a moment and get in touch the air and my surroundings.

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