Take a Walk and Honor your Pain

Pain, is an interesting topic, there are so many ways to feel pain, and I think that pain is very interesting because it is all relative, and yet we can never truly understand another person’s pain. I also find it very interesting that completely different types of pain feel very similar, and yet they can be completely different at the same time. There are so many types of physical pain that you can feel, and emotional pain can have some of the same feelings that physical pain has but can also feel completely different, and yet they are all pain, and we describe them all in similar ways.

Mental health and physical health and their similarities have been something that I have been discussing with friends recently. Everyone understands physical pain, and thus it is accepted and allowed by society, while mental pain can be harder to understand because you cannot see any clear signals of the pain. I think that this perception of pain is something that we should work to change, because everyone feels all kinds of pain.

To respond to the question of how you deal with the pain of environmental degradation. I would like to answer that I try to not feel pain in reference to environmental degradation. I think that it is really easy to succumb to the sadness of thinking about the dire future that we face if we do not solve our issues with environmental degradation. But it is not productive for the environmental movement to be sad about what is happening in the world. It is perfectly alright to feel sad about what is happening and I think it is good to acknowledge that sadness and then take that passion and put it towards environmental protections, or fighting for causes to help the environment.

My image is of an owl I saw while I was talking my walk through Bridal Trails park, right when I entered into the park I saw it, and I was shocked it was so cute and the picture really doesn’t do it justice, because I was more focused on looking at the owl itself and not the quality of the picture. I recorded some audio while I was walking but my finger was covering the microphone so it sounds muffled and terrible so I decided to have my audio be the song Clouds by Zach Sobiech because its on a hiking playlist that my friends and I play when we go hiking.


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