Honoring Your Pain

When I was younger, up to around the end of middle school, I considered myself a very compassionate and empathetic person. I saw the world through rose-colored glasses; I would constantly try to think about how I could help others as well as the environment. I think this came mostly as a response to constant exposure on the media about all the bad things going on around the world. Being younger and all, the news had a much greater impact on me than it does it now, especially considering that I’ve grown increasingly against media outlets. However, for the past few years or so I’ve been trying to forget about all the pain going on around me and within me. I believed (and still do, to an extent) that it was all too troublesome and fruitless to think about it—nothing could be done, after all. As it says in Active Hope, this is a problem many people face when thinking about the world. I feel that, after persistently coming across more and more bad news, I’ve become numb about the world. While there is definitely hope for the future, as we’ve covered in a lot of the material in class, I personally cannot imagine a bright future without suspending my disbelief.

I’ve always enjoyed walking around nature. When I come across a very whimsical view, I like to relax and think about life. For me, I get a feeling of fantastical wonder when I see a really beautiful part of nature. During my walk through a path near my house, I came across a spot that I used to always stop at when I was younger. It was a large clearing surrounded by trees. When you were in the center of the trees, it felt like its own little world and the sun shone through it in a really pretty way. Unfortunately, the clearing was destroyed in order to build something. Either way, exposing myself to nature does give me hope for my pain; I feel that if everything could become like it does when I’m taking a walk, the world would be a great place. I am still rather pessimistic when it comes to our environmental future, but I can definitely see a glimmer of light in the distance.


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