Take a Walk and Honor your Pain – Laurel

For my walking activity I chose to go run on a local hike that is near my home.  It is fairly popular (thought it used to not be!) and full of large trees and ends with a beautiful viewpoint.

My thoughts went immediately to what my approach was to climate change two years ago – which was nonexistent.  I didn’t think it was actually happening and the voices of family and friends assured it was nothing to worry about.  Over the next two years a steady amount of information and things I personally have noticed started catching my attention and eventually I realized that our environment is getting hurt by us.  I don’t even remember the moment I realized “Wow this is real”, it just slowly allowed to reveal itself in pieces to me.  My thoughts on my own ignorance as well as others frustrates me since we live in an area that loves nature and the outdoors and yet no violent stand in action is taking place to fight our own slow violence towards the environment.  In the reading I thought about “There’s no point in doing anything, since it wont make any difference” and “it is so upsetting that I prefer not to think about it.”  Both of these perspectives is what pounds in my head because it is so hard for me to see how I can make a huge difference since I am only one individual that can’t possibly make that much of a difference.


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