How you deal with the pain

I went a park by riding a bicycle. Some of the people who see my helmet say, “Oh, do you ride a bike?” Yes, I do. I like riding a bicycle because I am powerless to stop or reduce climate change and the pain of environmental, but still, I can feel small contribution during riding a bike.

When I was walking through Bellevue Central park, I saw many kinds children of various races were playing. I am not a racist, but I rarely see matured people spend private time with people who other race or culture. Most of the pain problems around the world happen because of racial, geographical, and financial problems. Because of they fight because of their difference, they use the natural resource to fight, then it causes pain to other parts of countries by causing environmental problems. During I was watching children playing, I could not stop hoping those children become the key to solve those problems.

My classmates of INTER150 have motivation and attitude about social problems, but approximately they feel afraid that they can achieve their goal or not. I either. When I talk to my boyfriend about environmental pain, he said, “We are living in capitalism, so people who do not have enough money do not have rights to say something. If you want to solve or say something about pain, you should get power more than others.” I was shocked. The capitalism causes the physical pain and emotional pain, on the other hand, to resolve those problems, we need to get a big influence according to the rules of capitalism.

Actually, I could not find my answer to how to deal with the pain and suffering that come with environmental degradation because if the capitalism is going to continue, people who do not have the authority to society are powerless.

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