week 7 – pain

Yesterday I went for a walk with Robert near his house. There was a creek there and a foresty place, it made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Walking among trees coved in moss and hearing the water splashes from the creek made me think about the places opposite to this in the world, where the environment was just like this but now is overfilled with pollutants and smog. So, I sat on a log right next to the creek and did the breathing exercise. What is made me realize is that places like that are becoming harder to discover. To combat pain I usually do things that help me get my mind of it and believe that everything will be fine after a certain period of time. However, dealing with pain and suffering that comes with environmental degradation is different. It makes me more environmentally active, for an example when me and my friends are at the Sammamish landing and they throw something on the ground I pick it up and throw it in a trash can.

The audio that I recorded for today’s blog post is audio of the water in the creek splashing, I did this because it stood out to me on my walk and made it a greater experience being there.

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