Take a Walk and Honor your Pain

I did my walk in a park fairly close to my house, and I felt myself begin to just let my mind loose of thoughts. I think it’s important to just clear your mind sometimes because everything is just go, go, go in this world: physically and mentally. Slowing down my thoughts for a bit also allowed me to evaluate where I am mentally and regain me sense of self. The breathing exercise was helpful for me because it allowed me to relax for a bit. When the book said to open your awareness to the suffering in the world, I had a bit of trouble. I can’t seem to think of the purpose of thinking about something deeply and then just letting pass through. I think it’s important to acknowledge the pains of others, but doing this activity made me feel like I was dwelling on the pain of others. The try this activity was also a bit confusing for me. I was unclear about how finding a special place for an object you just found would mean something. I feel like there are other ways to acknowledge the pain that the earth has endured in a more meaningful way, for example: as talking about it  and taking action.

Going back to the first part of the reading, I was able to connect with it more. I tend to block out my emotions  because sometimes they are overwhelming. I felt like I was experiencing a lot of the common varieties of resistance. This class has actually helped with some of these feelings which I believe contradicts Macy’s claim that information is not enough. The information just needs to encourage people and make them believe things can change. I feel we need to be aware of the issues, but also aware of what we can do to promote change. This chapter has helped me enhance my sense of self, but that is a small part of facing the environmental crisis.

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