Take a Walk and Honor your Pain

Today, I took a walk at Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park which is located near my apartment. During the walk, I saw many people were fishing. It let me think about a question: consumption of the fish. Many people like to eat fish, and hundreds of thousands of people eat more than a fish in a day. It is not hard to imagine how many fish would die in a day. This reflection made me feel pain. Usually, when I feel pain, I like to play computer games and try to forget about the pain. The reason why I think it helps me to deal with the pain is because in many games you can be whoever you are or build anything you can, and it might be a good way to release stress and forget about the pain by enjoying the fun through creativity. Furthermore, after I read the reading, I started to change the approach of recovering pains because I thought the approach in the reading is a better way to deal with pain. Based on the reading, it advised a good way to heal pain. It is to honor it. First of all, we have to notice the pain. Then, we need to learn how to intelligently digest the bad news. It is what rouses us to respond. The idea of consumption of fish also reminded me of another idea in the reading. If we are aware of something early, then we could figure out a way to tackle it. The pain which I had from the consumption of the fish got recovered after I deeply thought about if there was anything we could do about this. We could not stop consuming fish because we thought fish were in pain. If we don’t consume fish, what else can we use to replace the food: fish, which is one of the most important foods in our life. There is nothing we can do about it. Then why don’t we just let it be? I believe the pain and suffering from the question of consumption of fish is the same as the pain and suffering from the climate disruption. If we receive pain from not being able to fight for our planet because we are lacking resources to do so, then why don’t we accept it and just digest the pain?


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