Higher Place

I chose the song Higher place by Dimitri Vegas and Like mike featuring Ne-Yo, because it came to me almost immediately when I read this weeks assignment. First of all it has a up beat and beautiful melody, and I think the lyrics do a good job of reflecting the movement around elm music.The Edm or rave scene’s principles are summed up quite well in their pretty corny Acronym Plus, which stands for Peace, love, unity, and respect. Which people make fun of pretty consistently, but I really like it and i think if our society were to enact these principles in our daily lives our world would be a much better place. I have witnessed this first hand in going to many elm festivals where everyone really follows the plur principles and it makes for an extremely accepting and all around happy atmosphere. While one could claim that is probably just because you are at a music festival and everyone is just excited about being there and wants to have a good time, but based on my experience thats not the case. Ive been to concerts of all genres and most of them have been full of very aggressive and quite angry people. I think the lyric “I want a love that the universe can never stop, can never hurt, I want a love that will last, After this world is our past” does a pretty good job of representing what this song is about, which is love and happiness. I think I find this song very inspiring to me because it aligns pretty directly with my vision for the future. Not only do I want to find love in my life but also hope that our society (which i see as full of divisiveness and hate) can find an inclusive love for everyone. The chorus of the song says “Show me to a higher place” which I interpret as always striving to be more enlightened and having a better understanding of life and love. The song was released in 2015 and to be honest in 2015 I was not very politically invested so I’m not very confident in this but I thought the world was much less chaotic than it is today. On top of that Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike are from Belgium, and I have no idea what is going on in Belgium today, much less in 2015.

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