There is no past, present or future. Is there?

week 6

Everything you see is old news. This includes all the music in the world that has been created, all the buildings around you, the forest, the clothes, the films all of them are old upon the second in which they have been accepted as definite or finished. On some level, this means that every movement has been a failure in so much that we should look to them for inspiration. They were not in our position, and we are not in theirs.We work on the backs of giants not beneath them. I do not make music hoping that it will be as good as the classics, I have an obligation to progress past the classics, that is if discovery and the expansion of possibility are the goal in relation to music. It is in the process of creating music that I can be a futurist, as I play with a future that is constantly my present and instantly becoming my past. In practical ways this is the spot where these concepts begin to fail me. We are living in a world in which the present, past (both historically distant and personally near) and future are constantly at play with real impact. For whatever reason a lot of us default on someone else’s definition of these. It’s the only thing a lot of us know. Because history has been tampered with, it is always at play, all of it. Our ignorance defines us, but so does our literally unique experience. I would be curious to see what conclusions children come to across the globe if we remove time-based language and clocks from their education. I have never experienced a minute without being told so (try removing clocks from music crazy things happen)I appreciate the chapter, it maintains some of the issues I have regarding the politics of the book itself, but it also has things I am very deeply in agreement with. I think it’s important that we separate practical time from cultural time and it’s many layers. I don’t know how many people automatically think of flying cars once they hear the words “the future”. The text would have you believe we all think mad max or blade runner is on the way. Or maybe we all the text is implying that we all think the world doesn’t have a future and all the days will be some variation of the same phases. I certainly don’t think either of these are the case. I also don’t think we need to try and define broad philosophical concepts to solve the climate crisis. We’re tackling capitalism not humanity. Although these things may be helpful in solving the crisis the fact that we have power hierarchies means that this is not needed. Speaking on the cultural “future” one that I’m really into right now is the one Jai Paul already lives in. God that sentence is loaded. I like that he is able to both Indian, British, some kind of space warrior and a harry potter fan, it’s all there, it’s nuanced and fun, he found a way to be a person that is non-existent in the public world. He could get more personal with the lyrics but that’s not holding back my love and happiness for his music. He changed the music industry in 2012 and to this day is quoted as referencing keys as buttons. Attached is his leaked album only available in low audio quality which came out right before his disappearance. 

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