Inspiration from your memory with music

Music is really interesting, fascinating, and has the power to move people forward/backward, determine people, and guide people. I found instrumental, classical music really helps to be truly relaxed and appreciate my own history that I have developed. To me, I have lived in several places throughout my life and each music has different memories, feelings, and mood behind them. For instance, my mother often listened to Andre Gagnon (Canadian composer, pianist) whenever resting and reading books at home, so when I listen to his music now (I no longer live with her) I feel coming back to the time when I was at home with her and childhood experiences (playing so hard and laughing badly with my family). Although we moved several times, her liking of his music did not change so his music is still embedded in my head with different landscapes, smells, as well as my selves.

I think reflecting the past is important to get inspiration. Music does a great job helping me with doing that. It encourages me to reflect my life and lets my inspiration free without any word but rhythms and musicians’ intentions in melodies. Especially when it’s related to your positive emotions you experienced in the past, you would find yourself nostalgic and somewhat protected.

I share Andre Gagnon’s song “Comme au premier jour” (English: Like the first day). It’s piano music and very beautiful. It, therefore, does not have lyrics but can communicate with listeners because of the beauty of music. I feel that partially because I play the piano or my mother likes it. However, I believe that his kind touch to the piano and fantastic melody relieve people and tell you to communicate with the memory of the beginning of something, maybe of yourself, the Earth, or the universe. Maybe you feel nostalgic as I do thinking about your past and devote yourself to find out spiritual takeaway from them. Then you can cherish your own history, which makes people stronger! 🙂

Comme au premier jour (2000)

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