Musical Inspiration – Jones

As someone who loves music, I enjoyed picking out a song to share. The challenging part was finding one I was emotionally connected to. In the end, I chose “What A Feeling” performed by Irene Cara, released in 1983. Listening to this song I feel excited and uplifted, which is different from my usual music taste. I like to think I listen to a wide variety but finding a song that specifically made me envision a different future was a little difficult. She sings that “in a world made of steel, made of stone” to “take your passion and make it happen.” These lyrics in particular stick out to me because of the urbanized world we live in. Cities are designed to make our lives as effortless as possible while maximizing the productivity of its workers.  Steel and stone also aren’t very flexible materials, meaning that it is not easy to go after your dreams. So when you do make it happen, “what a feeling.” With passion, these barriers aren’t so obstructing and one can be liberated.

The lyric “I can have it all,” could be interpreted as an allusion to the American Dream. Having it all is achieved by upward mobility, which the American Dream supposedly promises to hard workers. Even though it’s not a reality for most, the hope of having it all is enough to motivate and inspire listeners. This could be translated into environmental circumstances. The earth will never be restored of its natural resources but the hope of investment into renewable ones gives life permission to continue depleting. There seems to be an ideology that fuels the neoclassical consumer that has insatiable wants. However, the hope for satisfaction is the propelling force that workers today arguably rely on. Music is important because every song has a message and some endorse the ideologies we are unconscious of.

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