Combination of music and politics

“Words as Weapons.” This is a quite famous and popular phrase. Everybody should have heard this phrase at least once if they have ever taken English class before. This phrase is a metaphor that means words can impact people even though it is not tangible. Songs are typically used as tools to express what people think because melody helps people memorize the songs’ message and spread the songs. As a child, I am afraid to say I  never considered the ability of music to bring hope for a better future. I realized the power of music after being exposed to this documentary. When I was an elementary student, I watched a documentary called “We Are The World.” Even though I was young and did not understand about world situations at the time, I found the documentary and the song were really amazing and created a huge impact on the world. The more I grew up and studied the political history of the United State, the more I became to understand how great the movement was.

Trendy and popular songs, such as rap, hip-hop, and R&B were created by black people who had messages about resisting discrimination and racism in society. However, most people do not know the background and history of these songs but enjoy them nonetheless.

I have not been attentive to my future, but I can understand how precious songs are as tools of hope and inspiration. In the United States, there are many songs that are influential, so I will share a song that was released in order to lessen the tension between people with conflicting cultures and to bring them together. When I was young, I did not understand how much this song impacted the world, but now, I believe this is a commemorable event that fused politics and music. Words are weapons. People can wield these weapons to break through many barriers, even globally. The world will not become better immediately, but after “We Are The World” was released, the world has since become better and better.



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