Blog #8

Honestly, after this last couple weeks of classes I’m not feeling struck with inspiration. I haven’t been listening to music that much and I don’t have a song that frees me up to imagine a better future. It seems like the main message that’s been hammered into us is that there are a small number of people at the top of society that control everything and don’t have much of an interest in preserving the planet for future generations. I recognize that this view is probably a cynical oversimplification of things, but I don’t feel like we’ve been learning much that balances this view out. I understand the importance of fully understanding the problems we face, but I think that needs to be better balanced with looking at potential solutions that are already being worked on. These few readings of Active Hope are buried by the rest of the content we’re learning.

I feel like this class is meant to give us the knowledge to become agents of change, but the heavy focus on all the intricacies of how broken everything feels like giving me wet driftwood to light a fire of inspiration. I think I need a little more kindling.

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